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Recall is a place where you can save and organise content on things that interest you. It's also a way to find connections between the things you care about.

information faster

Quickly create notes about things with summarized information from the web.

Stay informed

Subscribe to news about the specific things that interest you always keeping you in the know.

Discover connections

Links between notes are automatically created helping you re-discover existing related notes.

Recall's features

Capture data from the web

Jump start notes on new topics with information from websites like Wikipedia, IMDB, GoodReads and more.

Automatic linking

New content that you save is automatically linked with existing content helping resurface related information.

Automatic Categorization

Manual categorization is tedious and leads to inconsistencies. Recall handles this for you using a standardized hierarchy.

News Alerts

Subscribe to topics saved to Recall allowing you to stay informed on the things you actually care about.

Data Export

Export your notes to markdown for simple interoperability.

Augmented browsing

While browsing the web, Recall will identify anything on the page that you have already saved helping you form connections between new and existing content your consume.
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All your data is stored locally on your device so you can access it offline.

Super Fast

Because your data is stored locally, pages load really fast.

Recall in 1 minute.