A note-taking tool that
grows, connects and organizes
information on your interests.

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Recall lets you grow your notes with information from the web.

Recall finds connections in the information you add helping you re-discover existing notes.

And Recall automatically organizes your notes into a standardized categorization hierarchy.

Recall has some unique features

Information Integrations

Create notes with information straight from information sources like Wikipedia, IMDB, GoodReads and more.

Automatic Categorization

Notes added to Recall are automatically categorized into a consistent information hierarchy.

Bi-directional linking

Traditional hyperlinks go in one direction whereas bi-directional links allow you to browse in either direction helping you jump between related notes.


All your data is stored locally on your device so you can access it offline.

Data Export

Export your notes to markdown or JSON so they can be backed up or used in other tools.

This feature is coming soon

Super Fast

Because your data is stored locally, pages load really fast.

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