Product roadmap for Recall

This page outlines the vision for Recall.

The goal of Recall is to improve the way we remember things that we come across throughout our lives.

Below is a list of upcoming features. The list may evolve according to user feedback.

  1. ✅ UI improvements.
  2. ✅ Dark mode.
  3. ✅ Export to markdown - this feature will allow you to backup your knowledge base to markdown so it can be used with other applications.
  4. ✅ Browser extension (in private beta) - this will let you save any online content straight into Recall. Think of news articles, recipes, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. organized into your personal network of knowledge.
  5. ✅ Launch the browser extension on Product Hunt 🚀
  6. Mobile apps in the Play and App stores.
  7. News subscriptions - this feature will allow you to subscribe to news events relating to a note helping you stay informed on things you are interested in.
  8. Add more built-in data sources.
  9. Improved categorization.
  10. Spaced repetition.
  11. News/article feed based on user interests.