Product roadmap for Recall

This page outlines all our upcoming features.

Short Term (August 2022)

  • Browser extension that lets you save any online content straight into Recall. Think of news articles, recipes, YouTube videos, podcasts, etc. organized into your personal network of knowledge.
  • Export to markdown.
  • Android app in the Play Store.
  • Many UI improvements are coming too.

Medium Term (December 2022)

  • Rich Text Editor - complete all features that you would expect to see in a modern rich text editor.
  • News subscriptions - this feature will allow you to subscribe to news events relating to a note helping you stay informed on things you are interested in.
  • iOS app in the App Store.
  • More built-in data sources.
  • Launch pricing.

Long Term

The long term goal of Recall is to improve the way we remember information from the content we consume.